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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Christmas Story

A very wonderful Christmas to all! This Christmas has meant something different to me than other before. We all think about the beginning of the Christmas story, but what about the end? No, I am not talking about the journey back to Nazareth, but rather about the Journey to Golgotha. I have been reading the book of Matthew recently, with different eyes. It felt like I was living along with it. Watching Him grow up as a child, taking on His Father's work... I was growing closer as I watched events unfolding, one by one. The healings physical and spiritual, the miracles, the showing of infinite unmatchless Love. Than they took Him into captivity, mocked Him, SPIT on Him! They degraded Him.... the Innocent. And He took it all. Without retaliation. And than He died... and bore our sins. He BORE our sins. He took upon Himself the blame, the humiliation, the shame, the sinfulness, the wretchedness of OUR sins, and not just one persons. Take all the people who ever lived and will live, take all that sin, allll the blame, humiliating wretchedness, shame, take it all and put it together on one Man. That's what Jesus did, for me. He did it for you. As this came clearly to my eyes... I felt so unworthy. Jesus did it for me. And in turn we have the gift, The Gift of Salvation. Can I actually accept it? Can I actually receive it, the Gift of Forgiveness, Acceptance, from Him? Please do. Accept and think on the best Christmas Gift of all. On His Birth, He began to give us.... The Ultimate Gift.
To me, THIS is the Christmas Story.

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  1. <3 Merry Christmas Jolie! <3 My little sister keeps saying "Merry Christmas which is Jesus' birthday!" <3


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