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Friday, December 21, 2012


*Screams and pounds head against wall* ahh yes... dramatic opening eh? In fact, it leaves you breathless... waiting for the rest of the morbid tale that is sure to follow. Alas, no morbid tale other than that I DID IT AGAIN! Yes, I did! Did what?!?!?! you say. Quietly I mutter, " Oh I just neglected my poor little blog once again. I let it get lonely. " *sigh* dramatics. But... I did scream. Inside my heart. A little while ago. Called, Monday morning....

It is a dark and dismal morning. ( In the mind of  our heroine ?! ok whatever ) The sun is not shining because (surprise surprise) it is 5 a.m. The girl awakes and sits up looking and feeling quite disheveled. After a minutes pondering she emphatically decides she will NOT get up this morning. PosiTIVELY not. Thank you very much... She smacks back against her warm pillow and closes her eyes. However, whether it is by a force of nature, or some other power she is up two minutes later getting ready to go to her job. Still feeling bedraggled and half asleep and with a severe case of pwg (pre work grouchiness) she shuffles downstairs, grabs a bagel, her lunch and is out the door. She heads to her car and turns the key in the ignition. Prepare for take off right? She takes off... only to be jarred from a dopey state of mind to a shocking awareness by the CRASSHHHHH that occurs five seconds after take off. Her reflexes are very slow this morning so it is only after the crash that she hits the break. While the crash is occuring she has this slow motion warped vision of airbags blowing up and the whole front of car smoking, thankfully, after the car has reversed and been put into park further investigation shows that only the front left bumper has been smashed in nicely. For in fact the man of the house had the parked the duramax and the trailer in the circle drive the previous evening... and in the muddled state of condition the girl had not noticed. Screams in the heart were apparent as she tripped inside to fill the folks in on the happenings.... but alls well ends well.... the folks were jus glad nothing worse happened and a very alert young lady drove to work that morning.

    Lol so that was the happenings of that morning. I was very disturbed about it for the rest of the morning but than randomly the thought occured to me later that day that, what if, perhaps, I would have drove to work in a dazed and tired state of mind, and something far worse would have happened? Made me actually half thankful... lol wow. Later dear peoples. comments are appreciated. :)


  1. wowzers...sounds exciting..lol..i like yr lil story;)

  2. How well can she relate... driving to work one morning in a 2000 Vw Jetta... Henceforth dubbed 'Gerty'... she was for sale. Her past history of medical health consisted of a 'new' used tranny, cadilac convertor, mass intake meter, speed sensor, and numerous other odd issues. It was time for her to have a new owner. So, driving to work one morning very intent on thinking intent thoughts, like how to survive the morning, alas, she failed to realize the hired man's vehicle parked at a somewhat slant and nicely sideswiped it all just barely... leaving a nice scratch in the front bumper and mirror. Stupid hired man's vehicle.

    1. lol quite a despairing feeling! :/

    2. also a lovely name for a car.... mine is myrtle! :)


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