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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Surprise ahhh yes it is a surprise to me too methinks! A post.... oohlala. And a year later at that... So much has happened in the last year! Truly I'm not even sure where to begin anymore. I guess the best I can do is update you on the current events of me and not bother with the rest :) Three months ago I moved from beautiful Ohio to the middle of the usa... Kansas. Yes why would you ever leave Ohio for KANSAS everyone here asks. Lol. And than I kinda do this little chuckley thing . Really I myself am not exactly zure why but currently I am a cna at Bethel Home in Montezuma, Kansas. A very small town in western kansas. BH ( as I will most likely commonly refer to it ) is a long term care facility cor the elderly... guess I personally like that a bit better than the term of hursing home lol... and it is quite a lovely place to work at too I must say. :) I love my job and I love my residents... how awesome is that :) I am now. Year older ... 20 and in my 21st year.. ackkkk how scary is that I think but hey somehow I manage to stay sane and it works quite grandly . I find it intriguing that no matter how much older I get I still feel like that 18 year old me. I hVe a black honda civic coupe now and it has the amazing name of ... Beezus. After beezus and ramona uou see... hehe rather cute I admittedly think ;) ahh me this is a rather strange little post I must say but nonetheless I am rezolved to give my hand to blogging once again... whether anyone reads this I have no clue. But quite honestly... I dont really even care :) Its just a nice outlet for all those thoughts that never get out otherwise so comment if u still come here... and if I am alone here thN I will blog quits happily :) adios till next time!!!

A ps...nexcuse odd words or letters.. I have yet to get a legit keyboard for my tablet yet so it does odd things every now and than.. :)

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