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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just saying...

Man, right now I am in-thee-mood for butterflies and for hot summer days. I want watermelon and Oceans and such. Just saying... Plus!!!! I bought a unicorn cookie cutter the other day! :) A grand lil guy it is! I am now in the mood for unicorn cookies... :) Just saying... It's a sparkly wintry beeeyouteeful day outside and I'm sitting inside quite glad I am comfortably out of the wild snowglobe. I'm still thinking about Eragorn and Saphira and Elvish lands and such things... I got to go home from work early today, 2 1/2 hours early at that! :) But it took me an 50 minutes to get home instead of 18... the roads were so snowcovered and yick-like.  Just saying... My favorite color is still blue... and I am wondering if I can go a whole entire year without carbonated drinks like i will endeavor to come January 1. I WILL miss that Diet Coke, and the Red Bull! I am pretty stoked about going to the beach twice next year Also maybe I am kina realizing that my grammar is atrocious on this post but who cares... And I am posting with the regularity of  a Blue Hippo showing up at my door... Lol but I doooo not lack inspiration... I have a million post pilin up in my brain... And i have satisfied my craving of jellybeans for a few weeks... as I ate a ton of those yummy lil guys just yesterday... today is lovelyish in a quiet hermity kind of way... :) I is Just sayin.... thats all :) :)


  1. <3 I am in the mood for snow.... We have only had the tiniest bit this year.

    No carbonated drinks for a year?!?! WOW! Do you like Monsters? Did you know the Rehab monsters aren't carbonated? I am going to try for no coffee and energy drinks in 2013. I don't know if I will be able to do it. I will be able to have my Mt. Dew though! I don't think I could live without it. :-)

  2. yes. I know what you mean about being ready for hot Summer days. lol. :D
    I just like this post. Atrocious grammar and all. ^_^ lol.

  3. ahhh yes the red rehab monsters are deliciousness!!!!! :) I have a feeling that i will be consuming those every now and than. :) An thanks rinskii... rather fun lol


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